"A house with different views in every room, and each song a place you will want to visit." This is how one listener describes the music of November Factory.

Once in a while, something comes along to make you feel alive. Something inspires you to hop in the car and drive, or shout at the top of your lungs. It lifts you out of your seat and takes you to a place you've never been. When you experience the music of November Factory, you'll go to that place --where it's ok to shout, and the sky doesn't seem that far away.

With a body of work that delves deep into human emotion and cries out the feelings we all experience, the band was formed nearly five years ago by Ben Declemente (bass guitar) and Charlie Molins (drums). Jamming in a garage out in Chestnut Ridge, New York, Ben remembered a guitar player from high school like no other he had come across, and vowed that someday he would play music with him. His dream was realized when Steve Pidel (lead guitar) joined the group, along with Rick Schultze on rhythm guitar. The final piece came together when Bob Ziegler (the New York City addition) answered an ad in the Village Voice for "Singer Wanted," and the explosion was instant. It was like adding the final ingredient to a chemistry experiment, which detonated onto the New York City music scene.

Playing frequent live shows in New Jersey and New York, November Factory has gained a dedicated following. The guys just finished recording their full-length, debut album, "Perfect Time of Year," and the response has been tremendous. In today's world of fleeting pop culture, November Factory has succeeded in creating a lasting, original voice. The band is on a journey that will take them wherever their music leads. After one listen to "Perfect Time of Year," you will want to come along for the ride.